At Saga Copenhagen, we strive to be as ecological and environmentally aware as possible. It's about our children and their future, but it's also about taking responsibility and making a difference to the world we leave for our children. For this reason, it has been important for us to become GOTS-certified from the very beginning.

Have you ever heard of GOTS-certification?

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an internationally recognized eco-label in the textile industry, which stands for ecology and corporate social responsibility. The little green brand with the white shirt will guarantee you that you buy the most environmentally friendly product for your child.

The ecolabel is your guarantee of a production of at least 95% organic fibers and a socially responsible representation that takes care of the planet we all share.

We have been certified because we meet the range of criteria required by GOTS-certification. It is important for us to keep a high standard throughout the production to ensure that you as an end user get as environmentally friendly and chemical free products as possible.

When a product is GOTS-certified, it means that the fabric is 100% organic. This is ensured throughout the process from the seed being planted on the cotton field, and until the product has been processed and packaged.

GOTS-certification also guarantees social responsibility through good working conditions in all the factories we work with. This means that there are proper wages, working hours and high security. Therefore, there will also be no child labor, forced labor, harassment or abuse at any of these factories.

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