Quilted Bed Bumper - Fina - Mauve

Size: 180 x 28 cm

Protect your little one from the sharp and hard edges on the bed and create a cosy nest which will provide your baby with comfort and peace before bedtime. Our Bed bumper is smart and a good solution make a cosy sleeping environment. The rhombus quilt makes it stiff, so it can stand all the way around the bed. On the inside a few pockets are placed. Here it is possible to place some pacifiers or a small teddy. 

Product Description: 
Color: Mauve
Material: 100% Organic Cotton 
Filling: 100% Oeko-tex standard polyester - OCS Made with 55% Organically Grown Material
Size: 180 x 28 cm
Certification: OCS Blended - Certified by CU 1001165 
Care instructions: 30°C machine wash.

Designed in Denmark | Made in India