Our design appear gentle and soothing and the colors match that mood to appear soft and timeless, and this is for a very particular reason;

Daily life in a family with small children is hectic and many things happen way too fast for the little ones to digest it all. Often, they get so many impressions and stimuli during the day that they are spending all their energy digesting it all, which is not good for them, as their nervous system is getting stressed and they get exhausted and unhappy.

Our gentle colors, our smooth, soft material and minimalistic design create safe and balanced surroundings, which is what children need to develop at the right pace and grow up happy.

Children are sensitive and emotional, which is why we at Saga Copenhagen take pride in creating products and designs that appear soft, smooth and gentle. We believe this will give the children the optimal childhood in a safe and soothing environment.

It is not only the visual expression of our products we find important to our children’s health and safe upbringing; the materials have also been thoroughly considered. Here our great passion for textiles of high quality is a matter of priority, every thread in our products is carefully considered and made to ensure the most fabulous organic and soft products for your children and your home.


SAGA Copenhagen ♡