The thoughts behind our design is calm with harmonized colors so that they appear gentle and timeless, and that is a very special reason: All small children are sensitive, which is why we at SAGA Copenhagen take pride in creating some quiet frames around the kids so they get the very best start in life. We do this with our gentle color choices, delicious soft materials and minimalist designs. It is not just the visual expression in our products that is important to us. Our children's health and freedom of movement are at least as important.

Our Brand Case
Our colors and material selection are carefully selected, our great love for high quality textiles is our brand. Every thread in our products is well thought out and crafted to create the most delicious and healthiest products for your child and your home.

Protect your child from dangerous chemistry
Not only do young children just watch the world, they touch it, suck on it and bite into it. Therefore, they are extra exposed to all the chemistry that is found in many of the products they surround themselves with. You can best protect yourself and your child by choosing some products that are Organic and free of harmful chemicals.

Support social responsibility
All our products are manufactured at GOTS certified factories, which ensures good working conditions for all the factories we work with. At the same time, the entire process of the product is produced organically, from the seed being planted on the cotton field, until it lands in your hands.

SAGA Copenhagen ♡