Welcome a new little one into the world 

Want to greet a newborn or are you going to a christening, baby shower or....
Our gift boxes are the perfect opportunity to solve that task with just a few clicks. 

Just choose a box, make us wrap it, write a greeting card and send it directly to the receiver. Or we can send it to you and you will be able to give the most beautiful gift, composed exclusively of organic and environmentally friendly products

Snuggle up box

This beautifully curated and thoughtfully designed gift box is the ideal present for expecting parents, encompassing the most needed items to embark on their parenthood journey.

Cuddle up box

With a Saga Gift Box, you can celebrate the joy of new beginnings and express your love and support for the growing family. Whether you're a family member, friend, or colleague, this gift box is sure to make a lasting impression and bring smiles all around.

Swaddle up box

Gift new parents with a good night of sleep! Wrap the newborn in the soft swaddle, a gentle cocoon for dreams. This gift box brings comfort and tenderness to the precious journey of parenthood.

Dress me up box

A real pleasure for eco-conscious parents and their little one. The set is made from luxurious merino wool with the accessories a bib, a pacifier clip and a pacifier.

All made with the utmost care. Soft, breathable and gentle on delicate skin, this sustainable ensemble ensures maximum comfort and style.