When a passion becomes your why, every step becomes purposeful and every achievement profound.

The family behind AYU and Saga has in many years a strong connection to Rudolf Steiner community.

The parents and co-owner of the company, Ole and Charlotte, had always been drawn to the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf philosophy, and they enrolled their children in the local Waldorf school in Odense.

Over the years, the family became involved in the school community, with Ole and Charlotte contributing their time and expertise to various projects and initiatives. They were committed to creating a nurturing and holistic learning environment for their children and their peers.

Ida, the daughter of Charlotte and Ole and co-owner of company, grew up playing with Waldorf dolls that were hand-sewn by her mother. She cherished these dolls as if they were her own little children, and this love for the dolls and their universe stayed with her as she grew older.

Charlotte become an expert in the special techniques used to make these dolls, teaching doll sewing to hundreds of interested women and sewing countless dolls herself. She created the prototype for Ayu and use 1 year to working out the perfect shape and expression that would capture the essence of their own dolls.

Their passion for Waldorf dolls and the values they represent have become a central part of their daily work. They take great pride in the fact that their dolls which are made with respect for nature and at the same time support that social community The Q'ewar Project. They found the perfect place to bring Ayu to life in Peru, where the community share the love for Waldorf.

For christmas Ida's daughter was thrilled when she received a very special gift from her grandmother - a Waldorf doll, her name was Ayu, which means beautiful.

There is many beautiful things in this project. It's beautiful of preserving traditional crafts and techniques, it's beautiful to supporting a community and providing fair wages for their labor, and it's beautiful to creating something with love and care.

It's also beautiful to see how this project has brought together different generations of the same family. It's a testament to the power of passing down traditions and creating meaningful connections between family members.

And of course, the beauty of the Ayu doll itself cannot be denied. The attention to detail, the use of natural materials, and the gentle expression on its face all make it a truly special and beautiful toy.