A doll for life

Waldorf inspired dolls

aYu's WaRdroBe

unique miniature garments, handmade in denmark and Peru

Our PersonAl stoRy

It's a symbol of the passion, dedication, and sense of community that's deep in our family's DNA.

tHe CommuNity

The Dolls

Ayu's WardRobe

Discover the enchanting world of Waldorf-inspired dolls that stimulate the imagination and creativity of children of all ages. These dolls represent more than just toys - they are a symbol of tradition and support for skilled artisans.

The time-honored technique used to create these dolls has been passed down through generations. By choosing a handcrafted doll, you contribute to preserving this technique and ensuring it doesn't get lost in modern mass production.

When children play with these dolls, they open the door to a world of imagination and creativity. The simple features and neutral faces allow the child to determine the doll's personality and role in play. This encourages profound storytelling and helps develop the child's imagination and ability to create their own adventures.